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Homes designed for Living in Hawaii.


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Welcome to Hawaii Package Homes

If you are looking for a complete package home, look no further. However we DO encourage you to click on the tabs above they will take you to our other webpages with more information. By complete, we mean our prices include labor and materials, built by licensed contractors. This is not just a pile of lumber, but a complete turn key home built on your property.

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Reality about Package Homes

The truth is that package home is just a term, reality is a package home is a template. Template in the sense of a guide or pattern that one can follow. Because with homes anytime you change a window or move one wall it is no longer that specific package but a custom home.

We took past designs done with past clients and builders. Also things we have learned from building those and other references and sat down with those who build. Reviewing and scrutinizing details like room sizes and living area. Our goal was to have homes that would completely utilize the space, and keep with simple designs that would appeal to many different people but be cost efficient to build. With any of our homes you are welcome to change them to fit your needs or reflect your style. It is all about freedom to choose.

Freedom of Choice Our Team can help you in many ways


So if you like the choices we are presenting to you great, but if you don't see something here but you find it else where. Bring it to us, most of the local lumber yard companies packages our builders have built. Our builders are all experienced and working in Hawaii for more than a decade. Some of them longer than that.

If it is online then our team of designers can translate most designs. And if you still not seeing what you want, let us help you to create your own personal layout. We have the resources, we have the people, all we need is you.

And we have the resources to provide you with Solar Power, for either On Grid or Off Grid. We got you covered, or we could say we got you powered up!